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Who do you trust to recommend natural beauty products? Here at Rare Beauty we understand how challenging it can be to find the right skincare products for you – for your skin type, your lifestyle and your ethics.

This is why we have recruited a most fantastic collective of real women to become your trusted beauty reviewers. Their open, honest and authentic reviews will be featured alongside our natural beauty product descriptions to help you decide which are best for you.



Amy Marshment @Amymarshment

I love a lengthy skincare routine

Writing since the tender age of thirteen, curious young Amy loves experimenting with make-up and bold fashion choices. Working in a small fashion boutique, Amy is looking forward to meeting more independent beauty brands which she can share on her blog Amy’s Ways. She loves any natural beauty products that help her skin feel nourished when it’s feeling tired.


Claire Stone @_clairestone

I’ve got two daughters and I’m aware that the beauty pressures on them are going to be immense soon…I want my girls to know that I am OK as I am!

Claire is a 40-something mum of two girls, lover of the outdoors and a bit of an adventurer. When she is not being a nutritionist she is bringing up her girls to be happy in their own skin and aware about planet earth by making ethical buying choices as a family. In fact she has even started her own business selling sustainable mugs from Spain. Claire is embracing her wrinkles and wants to review products that make people feel good about themselves. She will be spoilt for choice!


Hannah Stark @hannee24

Animals are my main passion and love… I use only vegan, cruelty-free products

A self-proclaimed cat lover, Hannah has three cats and is a volunteer for Cats Protection. She has a simple beauty style but is very picky about what products she uses to make sure they meet her ethical values and she often shares them on her Vegan UK Facebook Group. With a Masters in Forensic Science she is your go-to for the best crime dramas of the moment and loves to dabble in photography. Looking forward to some stunning insta shots of your products then Hannah!


Helen Webster @westcountrypostcards

I really want to buy excellent quality, cruelty free, environmentally sound products…to be more of a conscious consumer, not buying things for the sake of it.

As a 30-something new mum to a little boy, Helen is truly embracing the philosophy of being an ethical and responsible consumer. When she is not being a Writer/Editor of varied publications such as West Weddings, Helen can be found hanging from a trapeze or digging over beds in her allotment. Helen has very fair skin which can be sensitive and she absolutely cannot live without a decent mascara and a good moisturiser – who can?!


Karen Cooch @baremobilebeauty

I am a passionate vegan and set up a beauty business ‘from the heart’

After working in the beauty spa industry for seven years Karen decided to go it alone and set up her own business where she could fulfill her ambitions to deliver a service true to her own values and encourage her customers to make ethical skincare choices. Living in Merseyside, Karen is extremely passionate about sourcing ethical products for herself and her family. She is looking for natural beauty products that help with hormonal breakouts and nourish her skin which can be sensitive.

Wonderlusting Lynda

Lynda D’aboh @wonderlustinglynda

My beauty style? Green and glam

Lynda loves authentic products with a story behind them and as an award-winning blogger she is able to share her experiences far and wide on Wonderlusting. She loves good food, and is a glass half-full kind of women – always keen to find the joy in life. Lynda has impeccable taste, loves a splash of colour and she promises her reviews will be ‘honest and helpful’, particularly if they help her dry and sensitive skin. We cannot wait to read them. 


Siobhan Llinos Gale @veganbabelife

I love to cook and feed people like a mother!

Siobhan is a proper foodie vegan and loves to write about this and other adventures on her blog VeganBabeLife. She is a huge mental health advocate and shares her own experiences to reach out to others. Keen to provide some video reviews for our marketplace (watch this space!) Siobhan loves collaborating with small businesses and brands that have ethical values that match her own. She will be looking for products that can help with her sensitive and dry skin and give it a lot of TLC.


Vivienne Berryman @v_bee

I cannot stand bullsh*t! Exercise makes me happy and confident.

Vivienne is a 40-something Londoner who loves swimming, running and a bit of yoga (she’s been known to do a triathlon or two). She believes a balanced diet includes donuts and plenty of vegetables. A social butterfly, Vivienne loves connecting with people and is keen to write honest reviews that are fun and contain no bullsh*t – obviously! Her skin gets parched and thirsty from swimming so she wants to find products that really nourish from within.

If you are interested in joining our Resident collective please get in touch: 

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