Rare Beauty Manifesto

We promise the products we showcase and the brands we represent will always be:

  • Cruelty-free
  • Made from the absolute highest-quality natural ingredients
  • Contained in eco-friendly packaging
  • Made in Britain
  • Free-from harmful chemicals and known irritants including parabens, SLS and mineral oil (a full list of banned ingredients coming soon)
  • Vegan or vegetarian wherever possible and indicated if so
  • Certified organic wherever possible and have all certified organic ingredients indicated clearly

As an ethical business we promise to take responsibility for our impact on people, our planet and on the wider beauty industry. We will:

  • Favour and support small/medium sized beauty brands creating the highest quality small-batch made products.
  • Minimise our environmental impact including always using recyclable packaging and green business premises.
  • Pay a minimum living wage to everyone we employ or contract with.
  • Support non-profit organisations and beauty industry campaigns that fit with our ethos and encourage our collective to do so.
  • Be transparent about our business practices such as our banking and taxes.
  • Become a certified B-Corp organisation as soon as we are able to.
  • Be an independent business and use our voice in the community wisely.