About us


Rare Beauty was founded by Corinne Thomas, a sales and marketing professional who has a passion for natural, ethical skincare.

Six years ago she received a book from her mum about making her own natural skincare products and realised what a lot of rubbish she had been putting on her skin thanks to the so called ‘beauty industry’.

After making lots of handmade products for her little ones, family and friends she set about creating her own skincare brand. However, she soon realised she did not have the patience or precision for professional-grade beauty products.

When doing market research she noticed how many gorgeous natural skincare brands were already out there, particularly the handcrafted artisan brands who took such care over their product development and packaging but were not always represented well online. Many of these brands are led by women, who are committed to creating the highest quality beauty products without compromising their values.

The idea for Rare Beauty was then born! Corinne is committed to running an ethical business which supports independent beauty brands in their ambitions to reach more customers.

She has a team working with her to assist with the launch including an ex-beauty industry professional, a communications consultant and a customer experience consultant.